_____________________________ADD FIELD______________________________

Let's say you want to add an extra image to your enries, you would
need a new field in the edit-screen and you want to easily access this
field in your templates.

Follow these steps to add a field:

1) Go to the Ultimate Fields tab under Administration > Configuration.

2) Click on the "Add Field"-button
You will see a form with te following fields:

- Fieldname: This is the name of the field as it will appear in the backend.

- Internal name: You can access this field in your template with this name.
If you leave it emty, it will use a safe version of the Fieldname.

- Type: Currently, you can choose a plain textfield, an image-upload-field
and a datepicker-field.

- Position: Currently (in the current PivotX-release), you can add a field
Before the Introductionfield and after the Bodyfield.
More positions (like in the sidebar).

- Entries/Page: Where to display this field, on the New- / Edit Entry
or on the New- / Edit Page screen.

Fill or select these fields.

3) Click "Save" to save this new field. Duh! :)

4) Go to Entries & Pages > New Entry if you chose to display it on Entries
and go to Entries & Pages > New Page if you chose Pages.

5) You should see your added field on the position you chose.




Now, you probably want to use this field in your tempalte, don't you?
That's actually pretty easy.

Check out the Ultimate Fields tab under Administration > Configuration
to see what the Internal Name for your field is. Let's say you added
a field to you Entry-screen called My internal Field, its internalname is "myinternalfield".

Name the field, choose a type and position and use it in your templates as [[$entry.extrafields.internalname]] (for entries)
or [[$page.extrafields.internalname]] (for pages).

Easy as that.