Options - Contactform quicktag

The [[contactform]] tag makes a simple contactform that looks like the following:

simple contactform

This form will only be shown in the full page view of an entry or page - even if you put it in the introduction. If a user submits the form it will be sent to the e-mail address of the author of the page and the user will see a confirmation on screen.

The default form can also be created with the following tag:

[[ contactform
fields="text:Naam,required;text:E-mail address,email|required;textarea:Message,required"
submit="Send message" ]]

If you want the form to be visible in a weblog listing you may use the showinweblog parameter.

Extra options

Both those tags have optional values where you can override the defaults.

to="[email protected]"
An email address where you want the mail to be sent, other than the author of the entry or page.
from="[email protected]"
An email address where you want the mailoriginate from, other than the author of the entry or page.
subject="A nice subject"
Overrides the default subject which would be "Contactform" or "Orderform".
The name of a template file in the ./pivotx/extensions/formbuilder/templates/ directory or a HTML text that you want the user to see when the form is submitted successfully. You can use the name attributes of the input fields surrounded by % signs in the template as placeholders for the values the visitor enters. eg. the fieldcode text:Name is represented by %text_name% in your templates. See the template options for more info.
Similar to the confirmation message, but with the text or template that will be put into the mail. See the template options for more info.
submit="Send mail"
The text on the submit button
If you want to customize the fields in the form you can use the fields parameter. The configuration is done via a long structured string that defines the fields in the form. The each field is defined by the following string type:Label,validation|validation;. Valid types are text, textarea, checkbox and markup. The label is the name of the field. The validation may be the following validation types: required for required fields, email for email fields, zipcodenl for postal codes / zipcodes, phonenumber for phone numbers and ifany for optional fields. You may combine the validation types separated by a |. The type markup is not available in the php templates and has no validation.
With this parameter forms will be shown in weblogs listings. Use only when you are sure you know what you're doing. You must set the recipient for the form when using this parameter.


A typical form might be initialized with the following tag:

[[ contactform
to="[email protected]"
from="[email protected]"
confirmation="You message has been sent"
fields=" text:Naam,required; text:E-mail,email|required; markup:De adresgegevens zijn handig; text:Adres; text:Postcode,postcode; text:Plaats; text:Telefoon,phonenumber; textarea:Reactie,required; checkbox:Ja ik wil me aanmelden voor de nieuwsbrief"
submit="Versturen" ]]

Which will result in a form that looks like this:

custom contact form