PivotX development has ended

This post is long, long, long overdue.

Most PivotX users already know this, but to make it clear: PivotX development has ended.

We still provide security releases, but there will be no new functionality or non-security realted bug fixes.

NB! There is actually an unreleased version of PivotX that supports PHP 7. Hopefully, it will be released as 2.4.0 soon. (You can download it already.) It also contains some security fixes.

There is talk about moving the project to Github so the existing happy PivotX users can help eachother with patches. I, that is hansfn, is happy to control the project - review patches and so on - but we need Bob's help to get it located in the natural place: github.com/pivotx

Finally, we want to thank all our users for their interest in the project. We had a great time developing PivotX and working with you.

Hans / hansfn - on behalf of the PivotX team

Posted by Hans NordhaugWednesday 22 March 20176

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After allthis time, I’m back to using PivotX for a new project.

John Schop (Email ) (URL) - 06-07-’17 02:00

PivotX – Simple and the best blogging platform. I am proud user.

muthuveerappan (URL) - 16-07-’17 19:03

thank you for all you’ve done

ccchen (Email ) - 11-08-’17 16:50

pivotx cms

Raman (Email ) - 11-12-’17 05:02

I’ve been using this software for longer than I can remember. It was my first introduction to a non-trivial PHP application. In my early days, I spent many, many, many hours building templates and tinkering with the internals. It taught me a lot about how to manage my own server. In over 10 years of usage, I don’t recall a single issue that wasn’t operator error. Not only did it provide me with a place to cut my development teeth, but it also provided me with an outlet for writing.

All in all: fantastic, fantastic software. I’m sad that it’s being EOL’d, but I understand. Y’all should be exceptionally proud of what you’ve built.

Thank you. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

eff - 11-01-’18 01:30

Well, it is sad for me to say that i discovered this powerfull cms one year ago and i’ve created a theme.i gave up wordpress and i don’t regret it. Pivotx allows me to customize anything by beeing modular.sad that thiswill not go on with development.

REMUS - 08-05-’18 13:27

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.