Coming soon: Pivot 4 and Bolt!

A whole new Pivot and the introduction of her little brother Bolt

We’ve been working with PivotX for some years now and we feel like an update is long overdue. That’s why we decided to make it an upgrade! This January we’ll be releasing the totally new Pivot: Pivot 4. But even before that is a fact we will present you Pivot’s little brother, Bolt.

Pivot 4

As we speak the new Pivot 4 is in development at Two Kings headquarters and will be released -if all goes according to plan- in January of 2013. In this version we’ll be focusing even more on user-experience, ease-of-use and flexibility. This way we intend to not only accommodate the web developers in setting-up and maintaining a website but the end-users as well in managing it in an easy and friendly manner. Pivot 4 will be built upon Symfony2. Currently this is the best and most thought-out open source framework and provides the greatest flexibility and expandability.
Developers can still continue to add functionality to Pivot by building plug-ins. This has always been possible, but with Symfony2 as a foundation things will get even easier. Off course we will make sure to provide an easy way to import your current PivotX website content into Pivot 4.

Pivot 4 in bullet points:

  • Open Source CMS based on open source framework Symfony2
  • Expandable, flexible, versatile!
  • Scalable and well suited for large websites
  • 100% front-ender freedom, in an easy to realize manner
  • Clear and user friendly interface
  • Twig template engine
  • Doctrine ORM database layer
  • Content import option for your old PivotX website content

But before we will release Pivot 4, a beta version of Bolt - Pivot’s little brother- will be available.


Bolt is a straight forward CMS built to manage small websites and blogs. The Beta version will be available to check out on the 2nd of October. With Bolt it will be easy for front-enders/developers to quickly set up a website plus CMS. For end-users Bolt will be the CMS of choice for clarity in content management, ease of use and no unnecessary screen information. Content Management will be as fluid and easy to do as possible.

With Bolt, years of experience in web development and best practices have been combined to already make the base selection for what is needed to cater small websites, plus the added flexibility in custom content type creation and configuration. Bolt is based on Silex, a micro PHP-framework from the people that developed Symfony2.

PivotX (Pivot 2) users will be able to import their current PivotX website content into Bolt.

Bolt in bullet points:

  • Straight forward CMS, no excess
  • Simple install through CMD line or Composer
  • Twig template engine, 100% front-ender freedom
  • Ease of use and simple content management workflow for end-users.
  • Simple configuration for the (front-end)developer
  • Custom content types
  • Content import option for your old PivotX website content
Posted by Bob den OtterTuesday 25 September 201224


It’s a great news !

But what about teh flatfile database ? I hope it is still there ! It is the reason why I choose Pivotx.

zikzak (Email ) (URL) - 25-09-’12 11:39

Bolt (and Pivot 4, most likely) will both support SQLite, which comes standard with PHP 5.3, so you should be fine.

Bob - 25-09-’12 13:23

I thought it was two different things.
So if I upgrade to PHP5 when Pivot4 is out I’ll not have to take care of installing SQLite on my small ressource-limited hardware ?

zikzak (Email ) (URL) - 25-09-’12 13:44


GJ (URL) - 25-09-’12 14:06

I just marked October 2 in my agenda. Yay!

lijn (URL) - 25-09-’12 18:10

I will do a review on my site. Looking forward to it. Congratulations!!

Irene (Email ) (URL) - 25-09-’12 18:44

Great news guys! I was working on a new set of templates but think I’ll wait for 4 now.

Logfather (Email ) (URL) - 25-09-’12 19:51

So I’m confused. A lot of the bullets in both systems are the same. Is Bolt going to be the next blogging / lightweight version? Will my current PivotX blog be able to upgrade to it? Will it support built-in comments or do I have to rely on Disqus?

Melissa (Email ) - 29-09-’12 07:17

Melissa: Yes, a lot of them are the same, or similar. That’s logical, since in essence they both do “content management”. Bolt will indeed be the more ‘lightweight version’, for smaller sites with weblogs, while Pivot 4 will be more suited for larger projects.
Bolt probably won’t support built-in comments. In my opinion, if you want comments on your site, you probably want to take advantage of inter-linking with other people/sites, so a third party solution like facebook comments or disqus would be a better fit anyways.

Bob - 29-09-’12 09:52

This sounds like a serious change. Hope the upgrade path will be smooth and easy for current sites. And looking forward to see what Pivot 4 will bring us.

Jarno (URL) - 01-10-’12 09:33

I like the name Bolt, but there already is a cms called Bolt (…

Willem (Email ) (URL) - 01-10-’12 09:57

Correct me if I’m wrong.. but.. how can you prepare for Pivotx 4 when there is no 3?

Aaron - 26-10-’12 04:51

PivotX 3 exists and has been used internally, but it will never be released.

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug (Email ) - 26-10-’12 13:32

And is it already possible to do an upgrade from PivotX to Bolt? Or to Pivot 4?
Certainly for blogs with comments, not having comments in Bolt isn’t really handy when it comes to migrating. Done some tests getting my comments imported into disqus and wasn’t succesful at that.

Jarno (URL) - 27-10-’12 14:51

No. We haven’t written an upgrade/import script yet.

Regarding the failed import of your PivotX comments into Disqus: See the last two posts of

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug (Email ) - 28-10-’12 19:02

I am a bit confused as to the difference between PivotX4 and Bolt. In a one-liner explanation it would be: Pivot4 is a full-pledged CMS while Bolt is a lightweight CMS. But it doesn’t tell us the whole picture.

I am looking for a CMS:
1) That doesn’t have a built-in comment and trackback system – since I use Disqus (and I don’t want to bother with managing spam on my end; not to mention, it adds extra load too everytime you get hit with it); and trackback is dead
2) That doesn’t have a built-in stats system – since I use Google Analytics;
3) That is flexible – I like adding my own “blocks” (I don’t know what you call it) so I can avoid opening my template files just to insert, say my own banner rotation snippet; or say I want to make my skin/template/theme to have it’s own options if it will show 2 or 3 columns; or an XHTML or HTML version; so if someone else uses it, they don’t need to ask how to do this and that, the options are just there say “Skins > Skin Options”
4) That is expandable – plugins, modules, and the likes, pretty much optional but you never know there might be one or two great ones to add in the future
5) That is controllable – for example, I don’t like using RTE when posting. I like doing it the old fashioned way, straight coding style because that way I have more control over the post than what RTEs can provide. Add to that, I don’t like how RTEs changes my HTML tags to their own (e.g. they like to change b to strong; or i to em which they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. The writer should have the say in it if s/he wants to italize or emphasized, or to bold or to shout.) – Can I turn-off the RTE completely? Not the “use the HTML mode”, even that, last I checked the major/common RTEs, it still cleans-up my HTML. So by “turning-off” I mean, it’s completely not being used when posting new blog entries. It’s not possible in WordPress (so I never used it), but possible with b2evolution and QuamPlures. Is it also possible with Pivot4 and Bolt? Because, again example, I want my b element to stay as such and not turned into a strong tag. My i as-is and not converted to em because I’m not making an emphasis, I just want to italized – as per W3C.

Those are what I can think of currently.

As someone who is coming from b2evolution:
a) Why should I wait for Pivot4?
b) Why should I jump to Bolt?
c) What is in Pivot4 that isn’t in Bolt, and vice versa?
d) How far can I go in Pivot4 and in Bolt?
e) You said Bolt is for “small” sites/blogs, what is “small” then?
f) You said Bolt is the “lightweight” version, how lightweight is it and what makes it lightweight? (Or putting it another way, which software was it compared to? Pivot4?)
g) Or better yet, do you have a checklist table showing the differences between the two?

I only hope you can already reveal what’s in Pivot4. I’m looking at switching to your product but with Pivot4 still a few months away but Bolt already available, I am trying to find a reason (or reasons) why I should choose Bolt; or why I should wait for PivotX4.

Thank you very much.

Shæl (URL) - 30-10-’12 16:57

Hi Bob,
hi Hans,

i’m really glad to hear that PivotX is still evolving like the young plant in it’s logo!

There’s a thing or two you should consider when you launch Pivot4:
I hate to send microblog entries to a centralized server in the usa, especially when i am half-way to instant messaging with my mates. So:

  • PLEASE talk about your plans for a mobile app that allows for uploading an image with some title and description to my blog. (Quick’n‘dirty solution will do! Parsing geoTags into a Map Widget associated to a subweblog might follow as extension.)

  • Bear in mind that syndication capabilities are getting more and more relevant in peoples’ cms selection process. Be sure to add the whole bunch of RSS and ICS stuff to it. And keep that Trackback link.

For now i can’t wait for the release, really. Will have to spread the word!

blausand (Email ) (URL) - 09-11-’12 08:04

Hi, before migrating my blog from pivotx to Bolt, I tried a vanilla installation finding many problems.
Where I can find a faq/installation guide please? Inside Pivotx forum is quite difficult due to un-usability of phpBB imho.


PS there is also a problem with your online site

flagg (Email ) (URL) - 17-12-’12 14:24

What are the differences between Pivot 4 and the current version of PivotX?

amro - 22-12-’12 22:07

Is Pivot4 still alive?

Amitaf - 23-02-’13 13:02

could please someone from the team tell us if pivot 4 will still support installation on host with no database ( in my case). From what I understood no way Bolt will work with no database.


Lighting Bolt - 26-02-’13 06:05

Bolt works with SQLite which is an integral part of the required PHP version. Have you tested Bolt on your server? I’m not sure about Pivot 4.

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug - 26-02-’13 12:03

Hi, just installed latest build of Bolt Cms.
How can I import my pivotx entries? I have also enabled the ImportWrx extension but is quite empty and I cannot find any information inside pivotx forum.
Please Help!

flagg (URL) - 14-07-’13 12:12

Hi, Flagg. You better ask your question in the Bolt forum –

I’m guessing the importer for WXR only handles Wordpress so far, but I’m not sure.

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug (Email ) - 16-07-’13 12:55

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.