PivotX 2.3.0 Released

We've released PivotX 2.3 as a recommended upgrade to all PivotX users. We've decided to bump the version to 2.3.0, since we feel enough has been changed since 2.2 to warrant this change. 
Changes since 2.2.6: 
  • Added: Less obscure 'ajaxy' saving, more consistency in showing a 'save' button for editing config and weblogs.
  • Notify the user when leaving a configuration page, 'Edit entry' or 'Edit Page', when there are unsaved changes.
  • Added: template tag [[user_list]] that lists users/authors in your PivotX.
  • Added an option in hidden settings to make the search always do an "AND" for keywords, instead of making a guess between "OR" and "AND".
  • Added parameter request_method to search tag so you can select between GET or POST.
  • Added a [[nocache]] template block (as can be found in Smarty 3).
  • Added "%counter%" formatting tag to the [[archive_list]] template tag.
  • Added new configuration setting timthumb_zc, to specify what kind of zoom crop you want timthumb to execute as default.
  • Added template tag [[sitedescription]]
  • Added new position to add html to: LOC_TITLEEND
  • Added an 'explode' modifier to Smarty.
  • Reworked latest/moderate comments part, they are now separated.
  • Updated and improved the Hashcash spam protection.
  • Fixed the underscore=" " option in [[tags]].
  • Updated timthumb to version 1.35, fixing a possible security issue.
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.6.2.
  • Updated jQueryUI to 1.8.14.
  • Updated TinyMCE to version
  • images produced by timthumb.php aren't broken by PHP warnings.
  • Bug fix: The only parameter of category_list was not checked against the category display name (in addition to the internal name).
  • On the entries overview, don't wrap the status over two lines (if the status is more than one word in a translation).
  • Bug fix: fixed the comment_after_parse hook.
  • Bug fix: Events going through ajaxhelper.php are saved with the correct username, not "A visitor".
  • Bug fix: Don't output the username for user fields that doesn't exist.
  • Fixed a database setup inconsistency.
  • Fixed: [[getpage]]/[[resetpage]] would be at fault when used within a subweblog loop on weblog pages.
  • Fixed: "view weblog"-links weren't opening in new window.
  • Fixed: A lot of 'optional' or 'non optional' fields in setup, configuration and weblog configuration work more consistently.

The release can be downloaded from this location: pivotx.net/files/pivotx_latest.zip (or pivotx.net/files/pivotx_latest.tgz, if you prefer.tgzfiles). For setup instructions, we point you to our documentation: Getting the files & installing. If you're having trouble downloading the files, you can also download them from our sourceforge mirror.

Posted by Bob den OtterMonday 15 August 20114

four comments

Thanks for this upgrade! All works fine, except for the notification when leaving the edit entry/page window. Yes, it gives a warning when I leave a changed configuration page without saving. But this doesn’t work when editing an entry or page.

I love using PivotX and am already looking forward to PivotX 3.

Willem (URL) - 15-08-’11 12:10

Thanks for the update!

Jarno (URL) - 16-08-’11 00:13

Thank you.
But I have a problem How do I import the flat entries and other categories from the old 2.2 beta to the newer 2.3 pivotx?
I developed a blog for my enterprise and now due to an error ( my blog dos not show no page and no post) I have to upgrade. but I must to loose all my previous entries?


Ace (URL) - 16-11-’11 14:03

Please use the forum for such questions so we can give you a proper reply. The short answer is: Just copy the db folder from the old to the new installation and all data is preserved – no need to use the import tool.

Hans Nordhaug (hansfn) - 16-11-’11 14:15

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.