PivotX 2.2.5 released

We've just released PivotX 2.2.5 as a highly recommended update for all PivotX users. (If your site already has been hacked, read the recovery guide in the forum.) The release contains important bugfixes, updates for used libraries and some minor enhancements.

  • The feature most users will appreciate is that we've improved the way that the Dashboard fetches the newsfeed from our site. If our site is unreachable for whatever reason, the process will not block, which will keep the Dasboard responsive.
  • We've replaced the jQuery Masked Input plugin with Input Mask, which works smoother with the other jQuery libraries that we use.
  • Enhancement: Added a title attribute to [[link]] so it's easier to see where the link will take you.
  • Updated: jQuery library has been updated to version 1.5.
  • Updated: Plupload library has been updated to version 1.4.1.
  • Bug fix: Added default upload path in setPaths to avoid rendering the site unusable in case someone accidentally clears the "File Upload Path".
  • Bug fix: Inserting new HTML5 iframe embeds works better in TinyMCE now.
  • Bug fix: If the standard PHP mail function doesn't work, the password reset mail is no longer displayed directly on the screen.
  • Bug fix: The password reset functionality has been improved.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a Plupload problem when filesize was specified in bytes, instead of kilobytes or megabytes.
  • Bug fix: Removing empty logo element from Atom feeds to avoid warnings.

Note: Some people missed the announcements earlier, but we've dropped support for PHP 4, starting with PivotX 2.2. This release will not work on PHP 4! If you're still stuck on PHP 4, you should really put some pressure on your hosting provider to upgrade your environment.

The release can be downloaded from this location: pivotx.net/files/pivotx_latest.zip (or pivotx.net/files/pivotx_latest.tgz, if you prefer .tgz files). For setup instructions, we point you to our documentation: Getting the files & installing. If you're having trouble downloading the files, you can also download them from our sourceforge mirror.

Posted by Bob den OtterWednesday 16 February 20115

five comments

Awesome. Thanks! Tomorrow I’ll update my site :)

Diego - 16-02-’11 20:27

please make distributive file with “.tar.gz” extension.
my server not view “.tgz” format :((
thanks advice

vanno - 04-03-’11 16:25

I was wondering when the work on PivotX continues? I can see some progress in the files directory. Which version is upcoming and what is new in this release? I’m very curious and waiting for some really needed options (such as thumbnail view when selecting images for a gallery and the possibility to select multiple images when they are already on the server).

Willem (URL) - 13-04-’11 23:27

I’m interested in using PivotX for my blog and was wondering if I can imort the database posts from wordpress or will I lose it all?

Mat - 27-04-’11 07:43

The blog announces 2.2.5, but the downloadbutton sais 2.2.6 :-)

Evert Albers (URL) - 25-05-’11 12:08

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.