PivotX 2.2 beta 2 released..

Tuesday 09 November 2010 at 11:20 pm

We've just released PivotX 2.2 beta 2. Just like with the first beta, we were one week behind schedule, but there were some quirks we wanted to fix before this release. 

Currently, version 2.2 is feature-complete, so we'll take one more iteration to straighten out the issues that people find with this release, before we consider this version stable. Expect the 2.2 RC in a week or two, and the 2.2.0 final release a week after that. 

In the meantime we're continuing work on new features that will be added in the near future. PivotX 2.3 will have a new feature to easily make (and maintain) multilingual website. Ideas for PivotX 3 are still being worked on, but so far we're exited about the way it's shaping up. 

Back to version 2.2: This beta contains fixes for the Debug Bar, the new Entries Overview screen, and the new uploader. It also contains one important new feature: There's a new handler for the way PivotX inserts code to certain parts of a rendered page. This will make it far easier to add Javascript and CSS includes to the correct locations in your pages, and it is smart enough to do it only when required. 

For now we still wouldn't advise against using this PivotX 2.2 beta on production websites, unless you like living on the edge. If you encounter issues with this release, please post about it in this forum thread

The beta release can be downloaded from this location: pivotx.net/files/pivotx_22b2.zip (or pivotx.net/files/pivotx_22b2.tgz, if you prefer .tgz files). For setup instructions, we point you to our documentation: Getting the files & installing. If you're having trouble downloading the files, you can also download them from our sourceforge mirror.

"Howto" code snippets on Book.pivotx.net

Thursday 04 November 2010 at 08:49 am

The Dev team is working their asses off to meet the deadline for the release of PivotX 2.2 on november the 23d. Other teammembers (like me) are working on the migration of the PivotX sites to another server with hopefully less downtime.

But in the meantime we still found time to add a new chapter on Book.PivotX.net: 'Howtos - various snippets for special effects'. It's a growing collection of code snippets for various solutions like creating a simple eventcalendar, word count, trim texts and automatically generated metatags. Lots more coming soon.

If you think you have useful additions, please let us know in the comments.