PivotX 2.1.0 beta 6.

We've just released beta 6 of PivotX 2.1.0. If you've been following the forum or if you've been using the 'unofficial' releases, you might've already seen some of the new features and updates in this release. Between this and the previous beta that was posted here, there have been a lot of updates behind the screens. Besides the usual bugfixes and smaller improvements, there are four points, I'd like to highlight:

  • The mobile interface for the PivotX backend for iPhone and Android is working pretty well already. See this previous post, to see details and screenshots. Just go to the usual address on your phone, to use the new interface. 
  • We've revamped the default Theme for mobile devices. It has some built-in features to take advantage of the possibilities of modern phones. For instance, it reformats the entries, so that all embedded images are transformed into clickable thumnbails, optimized for mobile screens. 
  • There's a new-ish bookmarklet. It makes it really easy to make quick posts to your website, without ever leaving the page you're currently on. Just click the bookmarklet link in your browser's favorite bar, and it'll open a small window, allowing you to make a post which links back to the current page. If you've selected text on the page, this will be included in the post as well. This functionality works really well in combination with the oEmbed extension: If you click the bookmarklet on a site that supports oEmbed, it will automagically insert the embedded content from that page in your new Entry.
  • Now that extensions.pivotx.net is up and running, we're reducing the amount of bundled extensions in the base PivotX download. The 'Extensions' screen in the PivotX interface will now notify you if there are updates available for your installed extensions.

The beta version can be downloaded from this location: pivotx.net/files/pivotx_210beta6.zip (or pivotx.net/files/pivotx_210beta6.tgz, if you prefer .tgz files). For setup instructions, I point you to our documentation: Getting the files & installing.

Update: There was an annoying bug in this beta, regarding the editing of templates. This has been fixed, and the downloads have been updated. Please update to this version, if you edit templates in the PivotX backend. The version number in the bottom of the screen should read '2.1.0 beta 6b', after you've applied the update. 

After updating, please check your settings and especially if all previously enabled extensions are still enabled.

Posted by Bob den OtterFriday 21 May 20107

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@bopp #PivotX backend of http://www.write-it.nl updated to 2.1.0 beta 6. Works fine, as always. Thanks a lot!

Pieter (URL) - 21-05-’10 03:22

This is an amazing version! Thank you.
Why do I made out the above response to the Chinese is “?”

liuxingze - 21-05-’10 22:34

FYI: There is a stupid bug in this beta – you can’t edit your templates. Either grab PivotX Latest (which doesn’t have this bug) or just the newest ajaxhelper.php Sorry about this …

Hans / hansfn (Email ) - 22-05-’10 09:33

The bug has been fixed by hans, and the files are updated.

Bob - 22-05-’10 10:38

It seems a bit faster than the previous b2.
Good work!

Paolo (URL) - 23-05-’10 11:19

Thanks for the update. Just installed it and it seems to work just fine. Only I don’t see ’2.1.0 beta 6b’ but ’2.1.0 beta 6c’.
Has the beta been updated once more?

Jarno (URL) - 26-05-’10 00:16

Yes, there has been another update because of a fatal error in the new menu builder code. The error occurred (mostly) for new installs, not upgrades.

Hans / hansfn (Email ) - 26-05-’10 00:29

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.

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