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One of the new features of PivotX 2.1 will be a new interface for PivotX that works on the iPhone and all Android phones. Just go to the regular address where you normally log on, and you'll see the interface that's optimized for mobile devices. We didn't try to replicate all functionality, just the essentials, that you might need when you're not close to a real computer. You can post and edit new Entries and Pages, and moderate new comments. The mobile version also supports extensions, so if you have the Google Analytics extension installed, you will get a brief overview of the most important stats.

Posted by Bob den OtterFriday 29 January 201013

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GREAT! I assume this will work on phones like the N97 as well?

Jarno (URL) - 29-01-’10 03:09

I did some preliminary testing on other phones, but after a short while, I just wanted to cut my wrists open.. Opera Mobile 10 (and to a lesser extent Opera Mini 5) works somewhat. We’ll probably support that browser officialy.

Internet Explorer mobile: No effing way. ;-)

Bob - 29-01-’10 03:14

Guess I’ll have to wait and see if it will work using the default S60v5 browser. It ain’t fast. Actually it’s slow. But in the end it is based on the same webkit…

Jarno (URL) - 29-01-’10 03:59

But, why would you stick with the crappy default browser, instead of downloading either Opera Mobile or Opera Mini?

edit: Sorry, i misread your comment. It IS based on webkit, you said. Could you try going to pivotxdev.twokings.eu/pivotx/ ?
If you see the logon screen and it looks good, there’s a good chance it’ll work straight away.

Bob - 29-01-’10 04:07

I’ve got Opera Mobile and Skyfire on my phone. But those don’t really integrate with the phone. Opera e.g. doesn’t handle the long-press on the keyboard. And both are slow in startup.

But that’s my opinion. I just hope the interface will work on my phone ;-)

Jarno (URL) - 29-01-’10 04:38

Like I said, go here (on your phone) and try it! ;-)


Bob - 29-01-’10 04:49

Shame on me, I completely missed the link. It looks great! Can I try this myself by downloading the nightly?
PivotX admin on the N97
(Original screenshot)

Jarno (URL) - 29-01-’10 08:06

As we’re working towards a release, the nightly should be pretty stable.

Bob - 29-01-’10 08:49

Wow guys, this looks great! The mobile interface is a fantastic idea. Installed pivotx-latest from unstable dev and the admin interface works flawlessly on my HTC Hero using the default browser.

Will (URL) - 27-02-’10 16:16

It’s great that you’re coming up with an iPhone and Android version but there has to be a Palm webOS version as well!

sco (Email ) - 28-04-’10 12:18

Great but… I’m missing a photo-upload functionality. Any chance this will be added in the near future?

TMPR (URL) - 02-08-’10 12:57

Once again, I like the interface, but I’m missing an option to upload an image when uploading a posts through my mobile (Android) phone to my blog (www.tmpr.nl).
So my questions are:
1) Is there gonna be a photo-upload functionality included in the Android Interface of Pivotx in the near future?
2) If not, is there any way to go back using the the regular non-mobile interface on my phone, which does include the upload functionality?

TMPR - 19-09-’10 23:15

If you want any feedback on these issues, you need to post in the forum.

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug (Email ) - 20-09-’10 02:19

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.

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