PivotX 2.0 final has been released.

After two years of hard work, we've just released PivotX 2.0 Final. It's rock solid, does what it has to do, and it does it well. So, now is the time to remove the 'beta' label, and present the official PivotX 2.0. Many, many thanks to Hans, Kevin, Peter and all the others who helped on the forum, with testing or well-meant constructive critisism. Without you guys, we would've never been able to create this product in the state it is in today! :-)

For setup instructions, I point you to our documentation-in-progress: Getting the files & installing. From now on, the latest version can always be downloaded from this location: http://pivotx.net/files/pivotx_latest.zip (or http://pivotx.net/files/pivotx_latest.tgz, if you prefer .tgz files)

Note: If you're upgrading from an older beta version, make sure you've read this post: Upgrading from previous beta releases.

Second Note: If you're upgrading from a Pivot 1.x version, read the following page very carefully: Especially the part about how PivotX templates work quite different from older templates, so you should expect to spend some time with them, if you want to keep them. Otherwise you can just pick a new theme from Themes.pivotx.net.

Posted by Bob den OtterMonday 18 May 20099

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Congrats with the release! Thinking of redesigning the weblog to start with a new lay AND a new pivot! :)

Anke (URL) - 18-05-’09 13:41

Thanks!!! and a wonderful job!!!

Waiting long for the Final Release to start to use for real!
Really nice and beautiful job!

Andrés - 18-05-’09 16:59

Super! Time to do a upgrade on my sites from the beta’s to the final release!

Jarno (URL) - 18-05-’09 23:59

Congrats on all your hard work guys! Wonderful job!

Dwaas (Email ) (URL) - 19-05-’09 07:47

Thanks a lot for this great job, guys!
I’m very glad with this excellent CMS!

Pieter (URL) - 22-05-’09 04:43

Wauwww, yes, nice job! Thanks for all the wonderfull work that you all have done. Now it’s our turn, to migrate our sites.

Max - 24-05-’09 03:11

Hi Bob,

First, Congratulations on Pivot 2.

I have been a Pivot 1.x user for a long time and I still admire it for its simplicity. When Pivot 2 was under heavy development, I was concerned whether Pivot 2 would have Flat File Database support. And yes, it does have. :-) Thank you.

What surprised me is that I came to know of the Pivot 2.0 Final Release randomly which visiting the website. I would have expected an announcement email for it.

But anyways, Thank you to you and the team for Pivot 2 and congratulations.


Ritesh Raj Sarraf (URL) - 28-05-’09 11:55

PivotX team, thanks for this great tool. I’ve been running pivot and PivotX on multiple sites, and today I upgraded them all. And of course all works as planned.


Marcel (Email ) - 09-06-’09 12:42

Just what I was looking for :-)

Evert - 09-06-’09 13:15

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.

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