PivotX 2.0 RC released..

We're getting closer and closer to the final release of PivotX 2.0. We've just released PivotX 2.0 RC, which stands for 'Release Candidate'. This means that we think it's basically done, but we're going to have another round of real-world testing, to make sure that 2.0 final will be rock-solid. If you haven't seen what PivotX can do these days, please take a look at the Features and Screenshots pages.

Please test this version, and as always: Let us know on the forum, if you encounter any issues. For setup instructions, I point you to our documentation-in-progress: Getting the files & installing. From now on, the latest version can always be downloaded from this location: /files/pivotx_latest.zip (or get this file, if you prefer .tgz)

Note: If you're upgrading from an older beta version, make sure you've read this post: Upgrading from previous beta releases.

As for what's new in this release, I can be brief: There aren't many new features, but there are a lot of improvements for stability and performance. A lot of work has been done on PivotX's internals, making them work faster and smoother. There are also quite a few changes in the libraries we use: we dumped buggy ol' Speedy in favor of the new snappy Minify and both jQuery and jQuery UI have seen major updates. There's also a new image cropper, that works a lot better.

One major change I'd like to mention is that we've been working on a new theme, that will become the default theme in PivotX: The Skinny Theme. I'll write another blogpost about why we needed to do this, and what the advantages are for you - the user!

Posted by Bob den OtterWednesday 11 March 20098
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eight comments

Goed werk iedereen! Ik ga straks even updaten :-)

Rutger (URL) - 11-03-’09 04:31

Just updated two installations, perfect!

Schop (Email ) (URL) - 11-03-’09 12:09

Great news, will try to update asap.

Jarno (URL) - 12-03-’09 07:13

Hooray, a new default theme, about time if you ask me. I already had plans to design a new theme for PivotX, with the intention of proposing it as the default theme, but I guess I’m too late for that ;)
Anyways, great work and I’m looking forward to the blog post about the new default theme.

bramn (Email ) (URL) - 13-03-’09 03:53

Bramn: Don’t let that hold you back.. We still need good themes to get our themes-website going. :-)

Bob - 14-03-’09 08:12

congrats all! (and another hurray for the new theme! it looks very neat :) though must add i won’t be using it… love to make my own ones too much ;) )

Hanneke (Email ) (URL) - 16-03-’09 05:55

Gisteren de rc gedownload en een install gedaan met behoud van mijn oude database. Alles gedaan wat ik doen moest, zelfs twee keer uitgeprobeerd maar helaas, hij converteerde mijn oude db niet mee.
Jammer, had mij er op verheugd. Gelukkig had ik wél een backup gemaakt dus .. niets meer aan het handje.
Het blijft een beta .. ik weet het.
Zag er verder wel goed uit :-)

Jacky (URL) - 23-03-’09 14:03

Vergeet mijn voorlaatste reactie :-)

Ik ben over naar Pivot X en hij is geweldig ..

happy happy happy

Jacky (URL) - 05-04-’09 11:45

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.

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