PivotX.net is redesigned

Grab yourself some champagne and celebrate with us. As you can see, PivotX.net is completely redesigned. 

With a fresh look, we are going forward towards the official final release of PivotX 2.0. With just a few issues to be fixed, we are finally nearing the moment of the official release. We don't think anyone is looking more forward to that moment than we are.

In the next few weeks we will also launch a few PivotX subsites, including the official Themes platform and the Extensions websites for all PivotX resources. All websites will have the same fresh style as the one you are looking at.

Keep an eye on this blog so you are up-to-date on all PivotX related news, because we will update regularly.

Of course, we are also curious to know what you think of our new site, so please, let us know in the comments.

Posted by Bob den OtterFriday 20 February 200916
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sixteen comments

First! w00t!

peter (URL) - 20-02-’09 17:22

Wow! Looking good! Great work, guys!!

Anke (URL) - 20-02-’09 17:56

Prachtig zo! Very nice!

Dwaas (Email ) (URL) - 20-02-’09 18:55

What I think? Whoosj! Very nice. Love that ‘take a tour’ thingy in the header :-)

Rose (Email ) (URL) - 20-02-’09 19:14

Very nice! Now you just need to add a link to the PivotX frontpage in the header of the forum :)

Also, it would be nice to have a section with recommendations from users, maybe…

Schop (Email ) (URL) - 20-02-’09 20:05

Nice! I really like the new look.

But… I commented yesterday here (as did a few others) but that comment is gone?!?

Dwaas (Email ) (URL) - 21-02-’09 01:06

Well done guys, grats on the new site. Looking forward at the final release and the launch of the sub-sites. Keep up the great work!

Dimitry Gerards (URL) - 21-02-’09 02:32

Dwaas: This page was linked to the wrong database at our test-site. I’ve restored the comments from there.

Bob - 21-02-’09 04:30

Congrats guys, well done.

Gert Jan Kole (URL) - 21-02-’09 04:48

Rose, I have been thinking the same thing about the link in the header of the forum. I’ll fix that right away. Btw, you can always post requests in the ‘Discussion’ forum.

Kevin (Email ) - 21-02-’09 10:41

Great job guys! I love the site.

Looking forward to the official release of PivotX 2.0

Peter van Grieken - 21-02-’09 11:47

Looks great! Like the selfpromotion shown on the frontpage as well. This could really help in making PivoX more widely used.

Jarno (URL) - 23-02-’09 04:19

Hell yeah! This is very nice! Using pivot since the 1.2 i think and loved it since the beginning. PivotX is evenmore superior! Keep up the good work!

Jacob (Email ) (URL) - 23-02-’09 13:40

Very nice new frontpage! I like the colors and the overall presentation of the new Pivot. I have a suggestion to make it even better. There is an empty space in the main menu bar. Can this be used for a link to the support forum? I visit the forum more often than the normal website and now I have to scroll down for the link to the forum. I think other members will appreciate it as well.


Willem (URL) - 24-02-’09 02:59

Willem, you find links to the forum, themes and extensions sites on the very top of all the pages.

peter - 24-02-’09 03:27

Good work, guys!

Rutger (URL) - 26-02-’09 17:05

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.

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