PivotX 2.0 RC released..

Wednesday 11 March 2009 at 03:56 am

We're getting closer and closer to the final release of PivotX 2.0. We've just released PivotX 2.0 RC, which stands for 'Release Candidate'. This means that we think it's basically done, but we're going to have another round of real-world testing, to make sure that 2.0 final will be rock-solid. If you haven't seen what PivotX can do these days, please take a look at the Features and Screenshots pages.


20% rise in PivotX usage!

Tuesday 03 March 2009 at 1:34 pm

The launch of our new website and our great software seem to have payed off. Since the official launch of PivotX.net and the release of the last beta we have seen a 20% rise in PivotX blogs on the Internet.