PivotX 2.1.0 beta 1.

Just before the end of the year we've released the first beta fo PivotX 2.1.0. A lot has been done in the past few months. We're working on some large new features, but in the meantime we want to release an update for PivotX 2.0. So, this release focuses mainly on improving the current functionality, fixing bugs and quirks, and a lot of other, minor improvements.

The beta version can always be downloaded from this location: pivotx.net/files/pivotx_210b1.zip (or pivotx.net/files/pivotx_210b1.tgz, if you prefer .tgz files). For setup instructions, I point you to our documentation: Getting the files & installing.

Below you'll find a short list of some of the more important changes since 2.0, and for a full list, you can check our SVN changelog.

  • A new Bookmarklet (screenshot)
  • Search has weighed results, greatly improving the relevancy of the results.
  • Multi-site support (link
  • Per directory weblog support (link
  • Added an XML Sitemap extension
  • Added a Gallery extension
  • Receiving and sending trackbacks
  • Comments now log the useragent string
  • Setting and changing the 404-page has been improved
  • A ton of tiny improvements and changes, to make the platform more stable and consistent
  • Internally used libraries were updated to the latest versions (jQuery, TinyMCE, etc.)
  • Bugs! Lots of bugs were fixed!

With the next beta, there will be official support for a few new extensions, such as the 'Ultimate Fields Extension', that let's you add extra fields to the backend for all pages and entries, and the 'Formbuilder' extension, which let's you add all sorts of forms to your site, ranging from the simplest contact-forms to eleborate order-forms with validation.

Note: PivotX 2.1 will be the last version of PivotX to fully support PHP 4.

Posted by Bob den OtterSaturday 26 December 20099

nine comments

W00t! Go Bob (and the rest of the team of course!)

Smile (URL) - 26-12-’09 07:25

Wow, and that on xmasday. Good work everybody :-)

Jacky - 27-12-’09 06:08

the gravatar request’s uri was changed.

the request of pivotx is ‘http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id={md5(email)}&default={default_picture}&size=64’

now gravatar request uri is ‘http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/{md5(email)}?d={default_pictur}&s=64’

vitalgg (Email ) (URL) - 29-12-’09 17:01

Thx, vitalgg. This wasn’t a real issue since the old URLs still worked, but I fixed it in revision 2281, anyway.

Hans Nordhaug (hansfn) (Email ) - 30-12-’09 00:03

Thanks! I’m really looking forward to the ‘Ultimate Fields’ extension.

John (Email ) (URL) - 30-12-’09 17:29

It’s great to start this new year with a new Pivotx release. :) thx

McMarc - 04-01-’10 08:03

I’m up and running. Thnx for the great version.

hb (Email ) (URL) - 04-01-’10 09:51

Wow! A lot of changes under the hood! Will try out the beta. By the way, the Blog Feed (RSS) seems to be broken.

Ron - 06-01-’10 09:16

The RSS feed works again – it was an error in the rewrite rules. Thx.

Hans Nordhaug (hansfn) (Email ) - 06-01-’10 09:27

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum.

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